Awards and Milestones

Thanks to our commitment to our customers across the globe, we have been named ‘Downstream Oil Company of the Year 2016 – UK’ in the prestigious Global Energy Oil and Gas Awards 2016. Gulf Oil truly is an award-winning partner for your business.

Gulf achieves agility and flexibility through exclusively downstream activities, with no upstream operations, which, as Frank Rutten (Vice President – International) explains, allows it to remain stable despite the global oil crisis.

“As a downstream focused group Gulf Oil International is immune to some of the fluctuations in crude oil pricing, meaning that whilst many firms are only focused on cutting costs and overall profitability, we are able to look towards investing in new technologies and being open to new ideas. Investment in marketing, research and development and infrastructure such as blending plants ensures our ongoing success, and we are not afraid to invest in order to reap the rewards later. As part of this approach we are always seeking customer feedback and implementing any changes which will ensure that they receive the services that they need.