Ian King – Dragbike Racing

Gulf entered into partnership with Europe’s foremost Motorcycle Drag Racing team, King Racing at the beginning of the 2011 season.

Ian King was already a multiple European champion in the sport’s top category, Top Fuel and, by the end of 2016 Ian King had clinched a record tenth European Top Fuel Championship, sealing victory in the final run of the final meeting of the season.

Rider and team principal, Ian King, is also the man behind Puma engines, which power most of the world’s leading Top Fuel Drag Racing Motorcycles – the most powerful motorbike motors in the world. The engines in these incredible machines produce almost 1600BHP, making them almost twice as powerful as a Formula One race car.

Ian KIng’s Gulf Dragracing Top Fuel Bike will accelerate to to 100Miles Per Hour (160KPH) in under a second and will be reach almost 250MPH by the time it crosses the finish line. The blue and orange rocket covers its race distance – a quarter of a mile – in less than 6 seconds, from a standing start.

Incredibly, the flame breathing monster runs on absolutely Standard Gulf Road Lubricants, as used by millions of motorists around the world – surely the ultimate testimony of the quality of Gulf products.

In 2016 Ian King smashed or established numerous European Records for both elapsed time and finishing speed and, in one meeting, he set no fewer than five of the twenty fastest runs of all time – his fastest being 5.83 seconds.

At the end of 2016 the Gulf Dragracing Bike was to go one better, establishing a new Motorcycle World Land Speed for a quarter mile from standing start, making Gulf the oil of choice, not only for the world’s most powerful motorbike, but also officially, the world’s fastest.